6 Most Recommended Business Without Capital

I’m sure those who open this page because they want to find news about online business are free of charge without capital. As far as my experience so far, there is no online business that can be done with absolutely free of charge. Maybe you will argue “Ah really, as far as I know many online businesses that can be done without material capital”.

Indeed, many online business programs that can be emulated are free of charge and without capital at first. But when we start doing business, this will only require your capital and time. So, the list is free of charge but to do business it will definitely need capital. I agree more if it is said that online business can be done with little capital or almost no capital.

I will explain why there is no online business that is absolutely free of charge. The following are some variations of online businesses that are often done by online businesses:

6 Most Recommended Business Without Capital

6 Most Recommended Business Without Capital

1. Business is free of charge passing cellphones with Android applications

Ok, using the Android application to make money is one that can be practically without capital. Please note, it is HORRIBLE without capital. This means that you also must have consistent capital. There are some applications that can be used to make money, including:

What are the capital?

Of course, your initial capital is a cellphone with the Android platform. Next, you also have to have an adequate virtual world package. Next, you must understand that the system makes money from Android applications like that.

And all this requires time, and time is money. Many people say that making money from an Android application is an online business free of charge without any capital, the fact is that if you don’t have a virtual world package you can’t make money. See, it’s not really without capital right!

2. Business Is Not Charged Play PTS (Paid To Me)

PTS program is a program where we are paid to fill out a questionnaire or field information given by the organizer. The purpose of this PTS program is actually to receive illustrations from the public online about a product, service, or a website. We will be paid if we fill out a questionnaire / field information provided by the organizer.

PTS programs are usually free of charge, but you will certainly issue a tariff for cyberspace connections and also have to set aside your time to fill out online field information. I assume this is not an online business free of charge without capital because we are consistent just spending money on cyberspace connections.

This program is indeed easy to implement and normally does not take too long. No, if we talk about a long-range business, therefore PTS programs are not an appropriate alternative. You can indeed receive money from this program, but there isn’t much and information on the field that can be filled is also limited.

3. Business Is Free With PPC (Pay Per Click)

This PPC program is a program that can be copied by those who have a web or blog which is then called a publisher. Publishers will be paid by the organizer of the PPC program if the visitors of his web / blog carry out clicks on the advertisements on the blog for such things. No, the web owner may not click on the one on his blog because it will harm the advertiser.

The PPC program is one variation of an online business based on which I am quite promising. If we can optimize our ability to build a web / blog, we can also make money from blogs like that. One PPC program that is widely liked by publishers is Google Adsense.

The company concentrates in the United States, but has optimized its business to foreign countries, including Indonesia. For Google Adsense, there are many other PPC companies, both local and foreign, including; Chitika.com, Bidvertiser.com, Kliksaya.com, Adsensecamp.com, Kumpulbloger.com, Sitti.co.id, and others.

Your writing wants to build an online business for a long span, so the PPC program is one that you should consider. No, you must start building a web / blog to be able to register to become a PPC publisher. Indeed making a web / blog seems difficult and expensive, even though it is actually not as difficult and expensive as many people think.

4. Business Via PPS Based (Pay Per Sale)

PPS program is a program where we will be paid if we successfully market a product / service / membership, to others. The amount of commission earned by PPS publishers varies, depending on the percentage given by the PPS program organizer.

Similar to the PPC program, normally to become a PPS program publisher we must have a website or a blog. Some web / blog things like that we can sell products marketed by the PPS organizer.

No publisher is given an affiliate link, and when someone buys a product from an affiliate link, that is why the publisher will receive money. But the PPS program that is truly popular is Amazon.com, ClickBank.com.

5. Business Is Free Without Capital from Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a sales technique where the seller does not stock the goods being marketed, and when there is an order of goods from a prospective buyer, the seller will forward the order details of the goods and the domicile of the buyer to the supplier / producer. In other words, this business can be done without having to have goods or capital to purchase goods.

But wait, that does not mean you do not spend money at all. To do dropship business online, of course you must have a virtual world connection, this is one of the costs that you have to spend regularly.

If that is the case, for those who want to do dropship business more professionally, they will usually build a website to display the items being marketed. Of course this is also a cost that must be spent, so it can not really be free of charge or knee capital hehehe.

6. Business Not with Some Services

Online businesses provide services there are many we get in cyberspace. One of the things that I often get is web building services, online marketing services, SEO services, and many others. No business providing this online service is provided by those who have special expertise or strengths that others rarely have.

The usual service users are those who do not have the ability to do certain things, or can also because they do not have free time to do it. Online business service providers must of course issue tariffs to promote their business online and offline. If that is the case, the operational tariff for this business is certain.

However, the variations of online business described above are variations of online businesses that are often carried out by cyber business people. From the explanation of the five variations of such online business, there is no cyber business that can be done without any capital. Everything needs capital, material and non material.

So, from now on we must change the mindset that online businesses are free of charge without capital. In essence, there is no online business that can be done without capital at all.

In choosing an online business, it’s really important to understand your potential and also the potential that is around us. need to be too hasty in making a decision to work on an online business, especially to the power of efforts regarding online business is free of charge without any capital. There is no bro!

Do what we are good at, and make the best of it. No one definitely requires the implementation of doing his online business, because it is not easy to break up dreams and consistently do your best. Good luck!